The Mount Sion

The building is one of the most important from what concern architecture, the number and artistic quality of the scenes presented by the statuary groups. It comprehend three chapels: two at the upper floor (Last Supper and Pentecost) and one at the lower floor (the chapel of San Tommaso and the tomb of David). The Mount Sion is located on the western side of the Jerusalem of Tuscany like the Mount Sion of Jerusalem in Palestine.

Last Supper

Walking up through a stones stairway you enter a room with two nave divided by columns with Ionic bases and capitals where is possible to admire the scene of Last Supper and the Jesus's feet washing.

The Pentecost

Passing through a small patio you get the chapel of Pentecost. This is one of the most beautiful where is represented the facts happened 50 days after Jewish Easter: the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Virgin and the twelve Apostles (where Juda has been just substituted with Mattia), through fire.

The chapel of San Tommaso

In a separated room below the Last Supper and the Pentecost, is possible to visit the chapel of San Tommaso, where the statuary group of terracotta represent the scene when Jesus appear the Apostles 8 days after Easter, and where the apostle Tommaso show his hesitancy and faith expression.

The tomb of David

In the same building, there is the tomb of David, exactly located as in Jerusalem below the chapel of Pentecost.

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