San Giacomo the Minor

Even if it isn't a part of the life and Passion of Christ, this chapel is dedicated to Saint James the Minor because it effectively exists in Jerusalem and situated near the Holy Sepulchre.

Saint James the Minor - not to be confused with Saint James (the Mayor) one of the Apostles to whom is dedicated the Sanctuary of Santiago de Compostela in Spain - has been Bishop of Jerusalem and killed by Erode Agrippa 2nd in the year 61 A.D. thrown down the pinnacle of the temple and then cudgelled. This is the reason he is always represented with a stick in his hands, as is possible to admire on the statuary group inside the chapel.

The Franciscans friars of San Vivaldo had also another reason to dedicate a chapel to Saint James the Minor. The first of May, during the recurrence of the dead of San Vivaldo (in 1320) they usually celebrate (till the Ecclesiastic calendar reform made by the Pope Paul VI) the Parish Church of saints Philip and James also patrons of Iano (today a small village in the territory of Montaione few kilometres away from San Vivaldo, for information visit ).

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